For sheet music, more information, or to discuss a new piece or commission, please contact me.

I have been doing a number of projects with Colorado-based schools, tailoring the pieces to showcase the students (and ensemble make-up, etc.) at each school.  To talk about a new piece or if I have an existing piece that would work or could be modified for your group, please contact me.

I am also very comfortable presenting in front of students, on composing, on my music, etc.  Please let me know if you’d like me to speak with your class.

Argument     2009

Breathe     2010

     for violin duet

     for percussion quartet

Break! Break! Break!     2008

Seeking the Intangible     2007

Rhythm Machine     2006

The Journey     2007

Witch’s Brew     2004

Evening Song    2006

The heavens declare     2013

Wandrers Nachtlied II     2006, ed. 2010

    for soprano, flute, violin, guitar, and piano

     for saxophone quartet

Endure     2011

     for wind symphony

     for violin, cello and piano

Vocalized Randomness     2010

Large Instrumental Ensemble

     for soprano and wind symphony

     for orchestra

Chamber Music - Instrumental

Juxt     2015

Rounds     2008

Lost    2008

     for solo piano

     for flute, clarinet, and dulcimer

     for flute, clarinet, and dulcimer

     for solo piano

Chamber Music - Vocal

Dream Within     2009

     for baritone and piano

     for baritone and guitar

     for mezzo-soprano with piano

     for solo voice, piano, flute, and cd playback

Electronic Music

     cd playback

Traum     2010

     for violin and piano

Winner of the 2009 Mu Phi Epsilon Composition Contest, Undergraduate, Class B

     for solo clarinet

Anita’s Duets     2011

     for soprano and alto flute duet

This Autumn Evening     2009

Moonlight     2011

Wisdom     2011

     for SATB choir and piano (with soprano soloist)


     for SATB a capella choir

“Mueller’s music travels calmly but compellingly... evoking stillness... as well as anxiousness.”

                                    - Dr. Paul Rardin

Autumnal Colors     2011

     for wind band

Grandma’s Clock     2012

     for SATB a capella choir

     for SSA choir and piano

     for bassoon and piano

Summer Air     2013

     for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano

Grant the Night Rest     2012

     for violin, piano and organ

Prelude     2012

     for solo organ

Capstone     2011

     for string quartet

He is like...     2011

     for viola and harp

Glare     2012

     for tenor, baritone and piano


Murder Scene     2015

Great Expectations     2012Prog_Great_Expectations.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

     for soprano and piano

     for 4 sopranos, 4 tenors, 3 baritones, 1 bass and piano

Brewing Company     2015