Argument     2009

     for saxophone quartet

One of my goals as a composer is to write music that performers enjoy sharing and that audiences enjoy being performed.  As I contemplated writing my saxophone quartet, I decided that a good starting point would be the concept of an argument.  After a calm, nonchalant conversation at the start, the tenor sax suddenly erupts with an insult, which the others try in vain to ignore.  They alternately attempt to smooth things over and insult each other back and forth until they finally erupt into fits of screaming, muttering, and taunting.  At one point, the alto sax spaces out until they are forced to join back into the dispute.  The piece ends when suddenly the quartet hits a consonance and resolves the argument, though the taunting is not quite over...

Excerpt performed by Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Katherine Weintraub, Matthew Landry, and Christopher Bartz.

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