Breathe    2010

     for orchestra

Especially as a student, it seems like I can almost never catch my breath.  I work to the bone to meet a deadline, and then it seems like I can barely inhale before I have to start working towards the next.  This piece is a reflection on two aspects of breathing – the physical sense of inhale and exhale, and the realization that sometimes we have to take a moment, allow ourselves to breathe, and allow our lives to have breath.

2 Flutes (doubling piccolo)


English Horn

3 Clarinets (first and second in B-flat, third Bass Clarinet)

3 Bassoons (third doubling contrabassoon)

2 Horns in F

3 Trumpets (first in C, second and third in B-flat)

2 Trombones


4 Percussion

Violins I, II





To accommodate orchestras of varying size, re-orchestrated versions exist with no piccolo doublings and 3 percussion.

For sheet music, please contact me .