Brewing Company    2015

     for 4 sopranos, 4 tenors, 3 baritones, 1 bass and piano

I was very excited to have the opportunity to write a second scene, this time with my own original libretto.  Leigh Holman, Director of  The Eklund Opera Program at CU-Boulder, commissioned this scene for her undergraduate opera scenes class.  I was to incorporate all 12 students in the class, giving each of them a unique role (not just “chorus member #2”) and tailoring their part to match their voice.  She also asked that I base the piece on a Boulder or Colorado story.  I decided to set my scene up as three small scenes, each with their own story-line, and tie everything together using the Falling Bear.  After I had one month to write the libretto and compose the music, the class had only two months to learn the scene.  The creation and performance of this scene were so incredible, I could “bearly” believe it.

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Three groups are gathered in a brewery.  Kim, Bryant, Harry, Shea, Lauren and Sophia are college students hanging out at a table.  Michael and Lane work behind the counter.  The brewing team, Kevin, Aaron, Zac and Zak, are having a business meeting.  All three groups are commented upon the Falling Bear, a bear that wandered on the CU-Boulder campus and climbed up a tree outside a residence hall.  To get the bear safely off campus, he had to be shot down via tranquilizer gun.  As he was falling, someone snapped the perfect shot of the bear.

As the scene develops, the audience realizes that a character from each scene has reached a turning point in their lives and has to make a decision.  Kim is wondering whether to break up with her boyfriend, Bryant.  Michael has a job

offer, but it means moving away from his best friend, Lane.  Kevin thinks it’s time for the brewery to expand and purchase a new system, but his co-owners are worried about the risk and their debt.  Kim, Michael and Kevin struggle with their options, but eventually realize what they need to do next.  The scene ends with the phrase, “Things can’t stay the same forever.”