Capstone    2011

     A Chorale Prelude on Martin Luther’s “Ein feste Burg”

    for solo organ

The inspiration for this piece came from my time in Saxony, Germany during the summer of 2010.  I visited Eisenach, where Martin Luther went to school.  The nearby fortress, the Wartburg, is where he hid during the Reformation and translated the New Testament into German.  Eisenach is also the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach.  In fact, they both attended the same Latin grammar school, although at different times.

As a proud German Lutheran, I feel like if I had a German Lutheran business card, it would have the text for “Ein feste Burg” printed on it.  Every note of the choral tune is present in the bass, with a musical interpretation of each line of Luther’s text accompanying its bass phrase.

A 3-manual organ is preferred; however, the piece can be arranged for a 2-manual organ.  Please be sure to ask the composer about registration for a 2-manual organ. 

For sheet music, please contact me .

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