Grandma’s Clock     2012

     for SSA choir and piano

Tirelessly ticking for years

Telling the passage of time

Mellowly grinding the gears

Sounding the hours with a chime

Crafted of wood and of brass

Made when the war clouds hung low

Seeing the centuries pass

Gift to a bride long ago

Grandma would wind it each week

Keeping it going and strong

Now it is my turn to keep

Ties to the days that are gone

              - Margaret W. Fox, 2010

Margaret W. Fox was a member of the Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon.  The words and imagery used lend themselves to text painting, depiction of the words through music.  The mellow grinding is depicted through the use of seconds and lightly classing notes. There is a constant pulse and drive throughout this piece, like the tireless ticking of the clock.

For sheet music, please contact me .

Commissioned by the Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon

to commemorate their 100 year anniversary