The Journey    2007

     for solo voice, piano, flute, and cd playback

My junior year of high school, I wanted to compose a show piece that I could use to connect myself with the other acts at the local talent shows.  I wanted it to have the structure and feel of popular music, but the same expression and thought that I would put into an orchestra piece.  I composed this piece at my beautiful and amazing Yamaha Clavinova Disklavier, arranging and recording the individual performing instruments on 14 different tracks.  I figured that as long as I could sing, play the flute, and play the piano, I might as well feature each during this song. 

This piece was composed, produced, mixed, and recorded in my living room and the kitchen.

Ringing, the bells speak my name

They are calling out to me

Asking if I have the strength

For the journey out to sea

For men will wait a lifetime for the chance I have this day

And I’ll risk it all for honor - come what may

Sailing to the distant goal

We are sailing to the stars

Passing over reef and shoal

Who could guess we’d come this far

For the way is fraught with peril - danger follows in our stead

And who knows what lies beyond where man has tread..?

Over the sea and beyond to the shore!

Knoweth not I if we’ll sail forevermore

With a strong wind in our sails - what more could an adventurer ask!

Excerpt performed by Katie Mueller.

For sheet music and a performance cd, please contact me .