Juxt    2015

     for violin, cello and piano

This was my second commission from Chamber Ensemble con Grazia and I was extremely grateful and excited to work with them again.  My first piece, Summer Air, was very fun and I wanted to translate that same kind of fun for the audience and performers in this piece.  I struggled a bit to find the specific inspiration for this work.  My “aha” moment came when I was walking through the halls of an art museum.  One of the descriptions made an image and musical ideas pop into my head.  I saw a vast, blank landscape with a horizon.  On part of the horizon were jagged images, like mountains, but more geometric and with less detail.  Standing in front of the horizon was a person calmly staring past the viewer, again drawn with little detail but with a definite bit of character coming through, specifically quirkiness.  The ideas of geometric lines, a vast expanse leading to a horizon, calm and quirkiness were my building blocks for this piece.

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