Murder Scene    2015

     for tenor, baritone and piano

After struggling for many years to begin an opera, I finally found source material for a libretto.  “The Dog of Montarges” translated from the original French by William Barrymore provided a vivid and multi-faceted story.  Love. Innocence. Death.  Guilt. Mystery. Madness.

I was selected as an alumnus participant in the 2015 CU NOW (new opera workshop) and was instructed to submit a 6-minute scene for singers and piano.  I was looking for a scene in which I could explore my first aria.  I was pleasantly surprised when my original proposal for the scene came in under 6 minutes and I was able to expand.  When I requested to add a sword fight, I met no objections.

I greatly look forward to the opportunity to test out this piece and later to pursue avenues to support the completion of this work, my first opera.

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The young Aubri has earned a promotion and the hand of Clotilde.  The jealous and enraged Macaire and Landry, his fellow officers, plot against him. 

As Aubri and his dog, Dragon, pass through a dangerous wood on an errand, he is attacked.  After an intense sword fight, Macaire deals Aubri the death blow.  Landry leaps into action, making plans to bury the body and defray suspicion.  After Landry exits, Macaire is overwhelmed by what they have done, murdering a fellow officer in cold blood.  He becomes crushed by his guilt and begins a descent into madness...