Rhythm Machine    2006

     for flute, clarinet, and dulcimer trio

In Michigan, there is a program called Solo and Ensemble Festival where each year, high school and middle school students can perform for a judge’s comments and ratings (I thru IV) at both the District and the State level.  After going several times as a soloist for flute and piano, my junior year I decided that I might as well get an ensemble together and bring some friends along.  My friend Audrey Mitchell played the clarinet, and a fellow flutist, Sharon Lemoine, also played the hammer dulcimer.  I figured that the easiest way to find music for such a unique trio would be to simply write the music myself.  “Evening Song” and “Rhythm Machine” resulted.

“Rhythm Machine” is a fast, fun dance in mixed meter.  The instruments twirl around each other through hemiolas, meter changes, and building chord progressions.

Excerpt performed by Katie Mueller, flute, Audrey Mitchell, clarinet, and Sharon Lemoine, dulcimer.

For sheet music, please contact me .