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Wandrers Nachtlied II    2006, ed. 2010

     for solo piano

Über allen Gipfeln

Ist Ruh,

In allen Wipfeln

Spürest du

Kaum einen Hauch;

Die Vögelein  schweigen in Walde.

Water nur, balde

Ruhest du auch.

  1. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The quiet, peaceful setting of this poem inspired the first third of this piece, which is melody-driven and multi-layered.  However, upon reaching the end of the poem, the reader realizes that it is a metaphor for death.  The middle section explores the potential let down of this realization.  Yet, upon rereading,  instead of encountering fear of death, I found words such as “rest” and a feeling of calm and peace.  The woodland setting with the resting birds reminds us that death is another natural part of life, which we do not need to fear.

Over all the mountaintops

Is calm,

In all the treetops

You notice

Hardly a breath of air;

The birds are silent in the woods

Only wait, soon

You also shall rest.

  1. - tr. Katie Mueller