Wisdom    2011

     for SATB chorus and piano (with soprano solo)

Commissioned by Ken Sieloff

When I have ceased to break my wings

Against the faultiness of things,

And learned that compromises wait

Behind each hardly opened gate,

When I have looked Life in the eyes,

Grown calm and very coldly wise,

Life will have given me the Truth,

And taken in exchange – my youth.

  -  Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

Ken and I chose this poem because of its beautiful imagery, straightforward wording, and the magical journey that one experiences upon reading it.  Sara Teasdale’s words seem to take you from your first baby steps through all of life’s lessons up to the moment of your death.  I wanted my music to reflect this journey through arching phrases laden with breath, giving the choir opportunity to reflect on each subtlety of every idea present in this gorgeous and relevant sentiment.

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