i filosofi della collina    2009

     for baritone and guitar

Pero sappiamo

sappiamo le stelle

le stelle che piangono


e non ci dicono nulla.

     - Text by Alberto Nebbilo

This piece was commissioned by the 2009 soundSCAPE sound, composition, and performance exchange in Pavia, Italy. During the first week of the program, the composers were given 48-hours, text by a local poet (along with translation and IPA), and instrumentation, and were told to write a piece of about 3 minutes duration.

I was extremely pleased to be working with the musicians I was paired with, along with this text. The inner rhythms and message of this poem inspired both a declamatory and reflective setting, with the baritone crying to the stars in the first iteration, and the guitar pondering the message in the second.

Excerpt performed by Aaron Engebreth, baritone, and Matt Gould, guitar.

Though we know

We know the stars

The stars cry


And yet they tell us nothing.

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